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We offer custom design & installation throughout our

complete line of hop processing equipment

We also offer Dauenhauer compatible upgrades and replacement parts



DK Cleaner

Our cleaners are the highest capacity, most efficient cleaners on the market. Our cleaners are direct-driven to eliminate chains and sprockets. Our cleaners also feature PLC controls and inverter-duty motors allow speed control. 

  • Our cleaners have 5' and 7' variants. The 7' cleaner is capable of processing 30-40 vines per minute, while the 5' cleaner is capable of processing up to 15 vines per minute (depending on hop variety).

  • Linear product flow removes the need for a shaker table and simultaneously increases efficiency and ease of maintenance.

  • Our cleaners feature excellent product containment and significantly reduced pile-up compared to the competition.

  • Angular-controllable fans allow you to control fan speed and airflow.

  • Our cleaners feature OSHA compliant cat-walks as well as proper guarding and handrails for the best safety in the industry. 

  • We offer harps that assist with seed and small stick removal.

DK Fans

Our fans are high-volume and feature straight airflow for maximum efficiency. Two-bank and three-bank variants of our fans are available.​​​

  • Our fans feature linear-actuators which allow on-demand angular control.

  • Two-bank fans can be retrofitted onto existing equipment as an upgrade.

  • Speed change on-demand to accommodate different hop varieties.


Our dribbles feature a hefty mainframe for reduced vibration and system-wide durability. 10:1 gear reduction makes angle adjustments easier. A softer belt results in better grip, sorting, and efficiency. Our dribbles are also designed with fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance and higher reliability.