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In 1999, DK FAB was started by Dan Kirsch as a mobile welding and steel fabrication shop in Woodburn, Oregon. The company took over for Paul Serres of Back Acre Hop Farms in 2006 as a supplier of hop picking machine & component parts. Fascinated by hop farming, Dan spent many summers working for his uncle Paul among the hops. Dan was fascinated with the harvesting process, which led him to discover that his true interest was with the processing equipment. Dan’s fascination with processing equipment continues to fuel his passion for developing equipment that can perform better and more efficiently for farmers everywhere. True to its roots, the company is still located where it all began in Woodburn. In 2015, a second location was opened in Zillah, Washington. Since then, we’ve continued to provide our services to a growing number of farmers. 


We've been perfecting our harvesting & processing equipment since 1999. Over the years, DK Fab has earned a reputation for designing & building some of the highest quality equipment in the industry. Our equipment is always built from the ground-up with quality and practicality in mind, whether we're talking hops or hazelnuts. We continue to expand our line of equipment with a focus on automating the harvesting process.

  • Our design expertise allows us to offer complete facility designs with a focus on making our designs work for you. We also offer CAD, mechanical design, hydraulic design, and drafting services. 

  • Our complete machine shops allow us to provide custom fabrication services to suit your needs.

  • We offer consultation services which include free site walkthroughs as well as processing consultation & assessment, facility recommendations, and situation analysis. 

  • Our machines come with a variety of convenient features such as the ability to be PLC controlled as well as the implementation motors which are inverter-duty and direct-driven. 

We know our way around a shop. Make sure to view our portfolio.

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