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We offer custom design & installation throughout our

complete line of hemp processing equipment

We build hemp equipment specific to stripping and drying plant material for CBD extraction.


Hemp Harvester

Our hemp-harvester is designed for immediate stationary processing of field-harvested hemp plants, and its design is the result of several years of experimentation with a number of different stripping methods.

  • Our hemp harvester is capable of processing up to 300 plants per hour.

  • Our hemp harvester can strip over 15,000 pounds of green material per machine per shift. 

  • All-steel frame construction with grade 304 stainless-steel picking fingers.

  • Spacing between picking drums is electrically actuated for on-the-fly picking adjustment.

Hemp Sorter

Our hemp sorters are designed to separate low-oil content woody hemp material from high-value leaves and flower. Our hemp sorter improves the quality of dried hemp by removing stems and processing the dried hemp to a finer consistency for easier bulk-handling and more efficient storage.

  • Our sorters are capable of processing up to 4,000 pounds of raw material per hour.

Mini Kiln

Our 8'x10' mini-kilns are perfect for small batches of hemp and experimental hops. The mini-kilns' controls allow temperature and pressure modulation.

  • The burner and fan unit for our mini kiln is easy to use and control. It can be controlled from the side-mounted control panel, from a remote control panel, or from a cell-phone app.

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